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3 main themes in the teaching of Jesus

The teaching of Jesus was consistently pointed and powerful. He was never hesitant to challenge deeply held assumptions, traditions or the establishment. I think there were a number of times that his disciples cringed at the ways he exposed the hypocrisy of religious leaders. Three significant emphases stand out in the teaching of Jesus. Continue reading

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Should we ignore certain people?

Why do some Churches and their leaders let pharisees set the agenda for their ministries? Continue reading

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How to know God

To truly become a Christian we must also repent of the reasons we ever did anything right. Continue reading

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A question that could change your life

Is it possible that most of us try to present others with a view of ourselves that is far more flattering than the one God sees? Continue reading

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Always leading us back to grace

God is always leading us back to grace to confess our unworthiness and to celebrate His mercy. Continue reading

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The dangers of religion

The religious leaders during the time of Jesus were dangerous people. Not everyone saw them that way, but Jesus was unmistakably clear about them. They provided the primary example of all that heaven rejects. Jesus called them blind guides, blind … Continue reading

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Don’t be such a Pharisee

Don’t be such a Pharisee! We still hear it today. The label is typically aimed at a self-righteous person or a hypocritical religious legalist. I’ve never heard someone use the word pharisee in a positive way. The Pharisees are primarily remembered as the chief antagonists of … Continue reading

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