I am working on several book projects and I invite you to help (see below).

1. “Your 18 Year Factor: How your upbringing affected your life.” I hope to complete this book by the end of 2013.

2. “Telling our whole story: making connections in God’s plan for us.”

Far too many believers have an inadequate understanding of God’s plan. They know bits and pieces fragmented and lacking connection with the big picture. We need a much better vocabulary for articulating our whole story. My work will be based on the five point outline below.

I’ve become increasingly persuaded of a need to provide believers with a more comprehensive picture of a Christian worldview under these five headings. I hope to produce a working curriculum that offers a deeper vocabulary for each subject and a better understanding of the connections between them. But we especially need more cutting edge perspective in each area with reflective interaction on prevailing cultural trends. I am aware of other works offering similar focus but each one I’ve considered either passes over or fails to connect significant pieces of information — especially in light of prevailing waves of thought in the larger culture.

Please pray for me as I develop these resources. I welcome your encouragement and thoughts. It can be daunting to produce this material in the midst of pastoral ministry. I may need to find a few nice resorts for research and writing! I also need financing for these projects.

  1. Creation: the original story
  2. Corruption: the back story
  3. Grace: the salvation story
  4. Growth: the present story
  5. Glory: the end-story

To help financially support these projects, please contact me:

Steve Cornell, 23 West Cottage Ave Millersville, PA. 17551


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