I am working on a book and I invite you to help (see below).

Five pillars for life – making connections in God’s plan for us.”

Do you have an inadequate understanding of God’s plan? Perhaps you know fragmented pieces of it but lack a connection with the bigger picture. Most of us could benefit from a better vocabulary for articulating our whole story. My work will aim to answer this need. It will be based on the five points outlined below.

I hope to provide believers with a more comprehensive worldview under these five headings. I hope to produce a working curriculum that offers a deeper vocabulary for each subject with a better understanding of the connections between them. I also hope to offer reflective interaction with prevailing cultural trends in relation to each point. 

Please pray for me as I develop these resources. I welcome your encouragement and thoughts. I always need to find a few nice resorts for research and writing! I also need some financing for the project.

  1. Creation – our original story
  2. Corruption – our back story
  3. Grace – our salvation story
  4. Growth – our present story
  5. Glory – our eternal story

If your interested in financially supporting these projects, contact me:

Steve Cornell, 23 West Cottage Ave Millersville, PA. 17551



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