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The God who breaks in

90 second audio reflection. Continue reading

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Will there be a rapture of the Church?

6 considerations that indicate the the rapture of the Church and the second coming of Jesus cannot not be one event. Continue reading

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We serve no sovereign here

A Sovereign One – unlike all other would-be Sovereigns. Continue reading

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What should we do with Jesus?

Humanity is obligated by God to respond to Jesus Christ. Indifference to him, will be considered… Continue reading

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Parable of the unworthy servant

The attitude of true followers of Jesus. Continue reading

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Remedy for a heavy heart

A heavy heart finds comfort and relief when we turn to the worship of praise. We have a great example of this from the disciple whom Jesus loved. Continue reading

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The God you didn’t expect

I still remember how intrigued I was to see God portrayed by Morgan Freeman as a janitor at the end of the 2003 movie, Bruce Almighty. Something resonated with me. Continue reading

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Is Jesus still here?

This might not be the Christmas message we want to hear, but it is likely one that we need to hear. Continue reading

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Should we obey OT law?

Are believers today under the Old Testament law? Continue reading

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The parable of the unworthy servant

All the zeal manifested by us in discharging our duty does not put God under any obligation to us… Continue reading

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