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When you feel deserted

Do you feel forsaken? Abandoned? Deserted? There is hope! Continue reading

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Our great God and Savior

Don’t miss the 7 truths about God’s gift of salvation Continue reading

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 Jesus is the gospel

The message of the gospel narratives and the teaching of Jesus leads us to see that Jesus is the summation of all of God’s revelation. Continue reading

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A journey with the Master Teacher

Journey with the Master Teacher. Continue reading

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I need One who speaks to the Father…

Here you’ll find a peace that transcends understanding. Here you’ll find a guard for your hearts and minds in Christ. Continue reading

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Priestly character of Jesus (Hebrews 3-5)

The book of Hebrews is one of my favorite! Enjoy some notes on Hebrews 3. Continue reading

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Christ is the end of the Law

How do believers in Christ relate to the Old Testament Law? Continue reading

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Are you too worried about offending others?

Are there times when we should expect offenses and actually understand them to be appropriate and necessary?  Continue reading

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The God who breaks in

90 second audio reflection. Continue reading

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Will there be a rapture of the Church?

6 considerations that indicate the the rapture of the Church and the second coming of Jesus cannot not be one event. Continue reading

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