A perpetual dialogue of gratitude

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large_be-grateful-titleBlessed Thanksgiving to all!

Even if you live in parts of the world where this national holiday is not celebrated, please join us in giving thanks!

God’s call us to be an extravagantly grateful people. Where gratitude diminishes, joy goes with it, and life becomes more difficult.

Gratitude in Scripture

1. A moderately grateful person or Church is not walking in the will of God, by the power of the Spirit of God or in the way of love.

  • The will of God – “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. ” (I Thessalonians 5:18)
  • The Spirit-filled life – be filled with the Spirit… alwaysgiving thanks to God the Father foreverythingin the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 5:18, 20).
  • The life of love – “Love never gives up, neverloses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” (I…

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The most plausible worldview

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Sometimes I am asked why I believe in Christianity and choose to follow the Bible.

Although I am well-aware of arguments against both and the popular misrepresentations, on objective grounds, I simply cannot find an alternative worldview that corresponds with reality as comprehensively as what I find in true Christianity.

This doesn’t mean that I find everything easy to understand or explain because of Christianity.

Life is painfully complicated and parts of the Bible are difficult to comprehend. Some biblical passages are written in cryptic prose; others are hard to absorb emotionally.

Some of the Bible is written in concession to those living in ancient near eastern cultures.

Other parts are just beyond the reach of finite minds. Yet none of this necessarily calls into question the truthfulness of the text. 

I am comfortable acknowledging truths that are beyond my intellectual reach as long as they do not contradict what I know…

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No belief is true for everyone

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there-is-no-truth-there-is-only-perception-6 Do you see a problem with the following statements?

  • “Nothing is universally true.”
  • “All generalizations are false.”
  • “No belief is true for everyone.”
  • “Everything is relative.”
  • “Everyone’s beliefs are true or false only relative to himself.”

These statements are self-contradicting  because they commit the self-excepting fallacy. 

When someone says, “Everything is relative” does he expect others to believe his statement as a truth for everyone to accept? 

How do you respond to someone who says: “I don’t think it’s right for you to expect others to accept your beliefs”? 

Does the person making this statement expect others to accept his belief that others should not be expected to follow your beliefs? 

When someone says, “You shouldn’t judge others.”

Are they judging you when they say this? Does judgment against judging get a pass?

Convert the following into absolutes

  • Who are you to judge? Judging is _____________! (wrong)
  • I think…

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Three dimensions to God’s will

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Jesus taught us to pray, “Your will, God, be done on earth as it is in heaven.” 

So much that happens on earth is not God’s will. But wait! God is sovereign over all things! How can it be that His will is not being done?

Understanding how God’s will functions in a fallen world requires knowledge of three dimensions to His will.

1. God’s prescriptive will

God promised Abraham and his offspring the Land of Canaan for an inheritance (Gen. 12).  He commanded them to dwell in the land to claim it for their inheritance.  In accordance with this God commanded Isaac; ‘Do not go down to Egypt’ (Gen. 26:2). This was God’s prescriptive will. It is what he desired for them. This prescriptive sense of God’s will involves only good.  

2. God’s permissive will

It’s only in the permissive sense of God’s will that he allows some…

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Psychology, medicine, big business and theology

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For almost three decades of pastoral ministry, I’ve had a deeply personal interest in sources behind human behavior. It’s an area of research that has occupied consistent space in my studies.

Over the past decade or so, I’ve felt a growing uneasiness about the relationship between psychology and business. The new authority in behavioral science involves a dangerous merger of biopsychology, pharmacology, medicine and the insurance industry.

The time has come for more thoughtful conversation about this alliance.

As the fields of counseling, psychotherapy and bio-psychiatry have become profit-driven, I’ve grown more concerned about the market interests behind these disciplines. It’s worth asking if the narratives used for assessing behavior are potentially self-serving to business interests in ways that could hurt the very people in need of help.

Major shift  

Professional opinion on sources behind human behavior has undergone a relatively recent social revolution. The two most prominent…

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5 short audio clips


5 short clips from my daily programs on WJTL 90.3 FM

  1. Ask for whatever you want me to give you
  2. You need patience
  3. Forgiveness – not enabling (for resources – 717-872-4260)
  4. Prayer – God’s view
  5. We are awesome and awful

Steve Cornell

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Christian Mingle Inspector

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