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It’s not the way you think it is

Delusional self-confidence based on self-accomplishment is not far removed from self-righteousness. It’s an insidiously deadly poison that can be… Continue reading

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Overly concerned about offending others?

Why do some Churches and their leaders let pharisees set the agenda for their ministries? Continue reading

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Protect your Church from Pharisees

If you let them, Pharisees will turn a gospel-based ministry into a center for legalism.

Don’t let them and don’t worry about offending them. Instead… Continue reading

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Are the Pharisees still among us?

Most people have a negative view of Pharisees. The Pharisees are mostly remembered as the chief antagonists against Jesus. Yet, in all fairness, they had a noble beginning long before the days of Jesus’ earthly life. Continue reading

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