* For those facing divorce, I recommend “When the Vow Breaks: A Survival and Recovery Guide for Christians Facing Divorce.” 

Deeper Reflection: 

“Often we speak about love as if it is a feeling. But if we wait for a feeling of love before loving, we may never learn to love well. The feeling of love is beautiful and life-giving, but our loving cannot be based in that feeling. To love is to think, speak, and act according to the spiritual knowledge that we are infinitely loved by God and called to make that love visible in this world. Mostly we know what the loving thing to do is. When we ‘do’ love, even if others are not able to respond with love, we will discover that our feelings catch up with our acts” (Nouwen).

6 Responses to Marriage

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  6. Renee franks says:

    I have a question, I have seen no love in this world. I have had a very difficult life. I don’t believe in leaving my body and going to heaven. I don’t want to spend afterlife with anyone I have seen here, I’m just tired and I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t fit in with this world or these people. I hear the disembodied spirits all the time. I’m not a Christian, do you think I will be forced to go to an afterlife or can I just get a soul death… this is what I want and all I really think about. The thought of having to continue with these people is more than I can handle. I think about how I would turn into a monster if I was forced to do this. None of the people I started with are eve the same, I hate living with the bodies of those that did terrianle things to me. I am terrified of this.


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