God’s will


  1. Where He Leads (audio resource)
  2. How can I walk in God’s will? (12 requirements)
  3. Do inner promptings reveal God’s will?
  4. The will of God – three steps
  5. Discerning God’s Will (4 biblical texts)
  6. When Christians disagree:
  7. Three dimensions to God’s will
  8. Is God’s will specifically revealed?
  9. God’s will in a fallen world
  10. God’s will in a context of concession
  11. Ten principles for godly decisions
  12. God’s dispositional will

Steve Cornell

2 Responses to God’s will

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  2. Vickie says:

    This is a very nice blog. Thank you for all of your posts on all of these important religious subjects. I found it to be very helpful in my life and will continue to read it. As far as God’s will goes, I sometimes believe that a person could pray and pray for something to go a certain way, but if it is not in God’s will, you will know it. Because God has a plan for everyone and if whatever you are praying about is not in that plan, it will not happen until he is ready or he may just say “no”. I have discovered that I must then accept his “no” answer and change my life to go along with what he has given to me. When we live life the way God wants us to, things will go a lot easier, but when we try to fit a square peg into a circle, obviously it won’t be as easy. Thanks again for your helpful site. May God bless you for creating it and may all who read the words and messages that are posted here be richly blessed. Thank you.


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