Few things are more disruptive to unity in the Church than legalism. We must understand the threat of legalism and equip the Church and our families to respond.

The links below will help you understand and teach about the danger of legalism.

 Steve Cornell 


4 Responses to Legalism

  1. Patrick says:

    Hi, Just a passing comment, for I have not read your content on this, but was curious about the title regarding the word legalism. Plus, if I am not mistaken, I think you are from upper dauphin county, and I have lived there in the past. So, howdy former neighbor.

    First, the word legalism is not in the Bible, is not in a Bible concordance, etc. Therefore it has no context in which to define the word. So, God has not breathed it nor defined it or contextualized it. So, we should not be preaching it.

    Second, one objects, but the Pharisees were legalists! On the contrary, they were illegalists. For Jesus said that they were not keeping key parts of the Law. This is why Jesus called them hypocrites.

    Third, and finally, in my judgment the reason why many disciples like to use the word legalism is that they love the false concept that they do not have to do anything to be saved or do anything regarding commandments or do anything to be lost. Somehow they thing this is the love of God or what the gospel actually is, saying no to commandments.

    Thanks for letting me reply, and I hope that this quick comment and three points are an eyeopener regarding the truth. For there is so much confusion in the kingdom of God regarding words or teachings that are not even in the Bible, such as accapella, rapture, legalism, non-denominational, and so on and so forth. And we end up using them to praise ourselves or condemn others. But, as I said, these words are not in any Bible concordance since they are not God breathed, and have no defining context. Hence, on them we will not be judged by God. Amen.

    Pat Rick David Yanello


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  4. Olufemi Dada says:

    Hi Brother Steve Cornell. I’ve read your write up on legalism and debatable matters and greatly blessed. I wish to contact you directly to request for permission to use some of your materials for publication. If it is possible would you kindly send me your contact either email or post office address. Thanks a million.


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