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Blessed are the sorrowful?

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As quietness came over the crowd, with anticipation they awaited Jesus’ words. But who would have expected his first words to be a blessing on the poor in spirit? Like the opening of the Psalms, Jesus started with…

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When counseling others…

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Meaningful relationships will involve opportunities to encourage and counsel others. Consider some practical guidelines for being an effective friend when giving counsel to others. 1. Slow down and listen Proverbs 18:13 – “If one gives an…

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Out of the heart …. the mouth speaks

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________________________________ What kind of claim does Christ make on our speech? Should being a Christian affect the way you talk? How important are words? Do they matter to God? What does our way of speaking say…

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Are you a wise and discerning person?

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“To be wise is to know reality, to discern it. A discerning person notices things, attends to things, picks up on things. He notices the difference between tolerance and forgiveness, pleasure and joy, sentimentality and compassion.”…

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Have you been blessed?

God is doing great things! Continue reading

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I need a support team who will be the STARTERS of this exciting opportunity.

Steve Cornell, President of the18 Year Factor (LLC)


THE 18 Year Factor
Box 118,
Millersville, Pa. 17551 Continue reading

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A great Word of advice

This will protect us from the dangerous and deceptive sin of… Continue reading

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Why does it feel so hard to live for God?

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How are you doing? Feeling exhausted and weak? Helpless? Maybe hopeless? An encouraging truth  You are in a good place for seeing a display of God’s power when you come to the end of yourself —…

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Are you the owner?

This subject is uncomfortable but necessary. Continue reading

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Discouragement – a “dis” on courage

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Discouragement is a “dis” on courage! Have you ever thought of it that way? It’s a loss of courage, confidence or hope. Discouragement includes some degree of fear.  The word “courage” is part of the word…

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