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Never give up on prayer

Why does God allow perseverance in prayer to be part of our experience with Him? Prayer is an appeal to one who can do what I cannot do and what others won’t do. Continue reading

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How can we know what love is?

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Is there a way to know what love is? Is love something we fall in to and out of? What does “I love you” mean? What should it mean? Couples who want to get married say…

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How your upbringing affects your life

A teaser from my soon-to-be-released book, The 18-year Factor: How your upbringing affects your life Continue reading

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The unsanitized version Christmas

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This is the time of year when millions of people throughout the world focus on the heartwarming story of Joseph and Mary as they bring Jesus into the world. How little this couple knew of the…

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Two essential movements for protecting unity in any group

Protecting the health and unity of a group will likely require both assimilating and dissimilating dynamics. Continue reading

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Are you poor in Spirit?

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What did Jesus mean when he declared, “Blessed are the poor in spirit”? Does this refer to actual poverty or spiritual humility? Does “blessed” mean “happy”? How could the poor be blessed? Blessed or happy? We should…

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A therapeutic gospel

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When you hear a pastor invite people to come to Jesus, listen carefully to the emphasis on what Jesus will do for the person who comes to him.  A subtle but dangerous distortion of the gospel…

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