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Nine things to know about widows

wise words of advice for those who care. Continue reading

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Weakness is the way

Does God allow us to stay with the idea that we are strong? Continue reading

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How to listen to a sermon

Good recommendations for those who listen to sermons and those who give them! Continue reading

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Seven means for Christian witness

There is more than one way to be a witness for Christ. Continue reading

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Should we obey Old Testament Law?

Originally posted on Wisdomforlife:
How should believers in Christ relate to OT Law? In reading various viewpoints, I kept returning to Matthew 5:17-20 where our Lord taught that he has fulfilled the law and yet strongly affirmed the enduring validity and applicability…

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Two Scriptures

Originally posted on Wisdomforlife:
I woke up this morning reflecting on the power of Scripture. I often think, “If I could get my life around just one verse (and I could choose many), it could radically trnasform me. Two verses of Scripture come…

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Is being good enough?

Salvation is a gift. Faith is a gift. Grace is a gift. Jesus is a gift. It’s all God’s work from start to finish. Continue reading

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Un-sanitized Worship

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If we wanted to shock people or find ourselves called before the Church board for questioning, let your public worship and prayers echo what we find in the Psalms. Unlike the stoic legalist, or safe Churchman,…

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Discipline vs. Punishment

Jesus bore the punishment our sin (all of it) deserved. Should we then be uncomfortable with the thought that God punishes believers for specific sins? Continue reading

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Children feel helpless and hopeless when…

When children lose their sense of safety and security. Continue reading

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