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Discouragement – a “dis” on courage

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Discouragement is a “dis” on courage! Have you ever thought of it that way? It’s a loss of courage, confidence or hope. Discouragement includes some degree of fear.  The word “courage” is part of the word…

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Why do I feel the way I do?

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“Human life is fundamentally a life of the mind. The posture of the mind determines so much about the character of an individual’s life.”  (Spirituality and Human Emotion, Robert c. Roberts). Scripture locates spiritual change as…

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You thought you were serving God

We set ourselves against God if we wrongly convince ourselves and others that… Continue reading

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A denier called back to duty

Jesus Reinstates Peter!
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5 Truths about God I need to remember

Reflect deeply on five truths about God Continue reading

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“Some pray and die….”

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“I tried prayer. It didn’t work!” Have you ever heard this complaint? All who take prayer seriously sooner or later struggle with unanswered prayer.I’ve struggled with it. Should we give up on prayer when God doesn’t answer…

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Just let me die

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Is death the solution to our troubles? Sometimmes I am tempted to think about it this way.  It might surprise you to know how many people just want to die. This life is tough and can…

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