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Liabilities in my work

Good words for those who use many words! Continue reading

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3 themes in the teaching of Jesus

The teaching of Jesus was consistently pointed and powerful. He was never hesitant to challenge deeply held assumptions, traditions or the establishment. I think there were a number of times that his disciples cringed at the ways he exposed the hypocrisy of religious leaders. Three significant emphases stand out in the teaching of Jesus. Continue reading

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Learning from the Master teacher

Jesus connected what they could see in creation and life with truths about eternal life to come. Through endless object lessons, he turned his listeners ears into eyes to help them see the truths he taught. Continue reading

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Who is adequate for this?

Reason to pray for your pastors. Continue reading

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Did you encounter God in Church?

When truth about God is declared it should jolt those who live outside of His truth. Do you want these people walking out of Church saying, “That was pretty cool.” “It didn’t even feel like Church”? Continue reading

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