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Four servants of God who battled fierce despair

Four servants of God. Each one reached an extremely low point in life. All of them felt that life was no longer worth living. Continue reading

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Church – structured and spontaneous

The Church is an organism, not just an organization. This truth cautions against overly structuring the life of a body of believers. As an organism, the spiritual life or life generated by the Holy Spirit should lead to spontaneous ministries … Continue reading

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Do this in remembrance of your sins?

What does it mean to eat and drink damnation to yourself and who are the many who are weak and sickly and many who died? Continue reading

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Making a case for Christ among us

A few reminders about the attitudes that show Christ among us. Christ is visible when our fellowship is based on humble, loving, truth-telling relationships of mutual affection and honor. Continue reading

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When counseling others…

Consider some practical guidelines for being an effective friend when giving counsel to others. Continue reading

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Church: belonging and removal

Is it possible to be so casual about what it means to belong to a Church that belonging loses its effectiveness and removal becomes irrelevant? Continue reading

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3 approaches to leadership and parenting

Some relationships are difficult because we approach them using the wrong method of communication. Effective approaches to communication vary with different people and situations. Three approaches are helpful to consider. Directive Consulting Free-Rein Our goal should be to identify the … Continue reading

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