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Eight truths for all people

I love the way Scripture speaks with universal application – for all people, in all places, at all times. Continue reading

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Eight reasons not to be an atheist

The atheist’s problem with belief in God is not an absence of evidence but… Continue reading

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Can I remain at the center?

A gospel that misleads you to think you can come to Christ and remain at the center of life is not a gospel. Continue reading

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Do not give dogs what is sacred

Dogs? Pigs? Sacred things? Jesus used an illustration to forbid wasting something valuable on an undeserving object. Yet it’s not immediately clear what shouldn’t be wasted and on whom.  Continue reading

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Return to glory

This panoramic view is too often left out when we tell the story of salvation. The outcome is a shortsightedness which leaves us inadequately grounded for a living hope in Christ. Continue reading

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Seek the welfare of the city

Allegiance to their Creator faded as they became increasingly enamored with the allurements of culture around them. Continue reading

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Common grace ministry

How do we remain serious about lines between belief and unbelief while at the same time showing active appreciation for all that is good and beautiful outside of those boundaries? Continue reading

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Seven means for Christian witness

There is more than one way to be a witness for Christ. Continue reading

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Social Justice and the Church

If we live in a political system that allows us to sit at the table to seek the good that leads to laws and policies, we should not neglect such an opportunity and privilege. Continue reading

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Elentics and the Holy Spirit

All who care about reaching others with the goodnews of salvation must care about elentics. Continue reading

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