Audio clips

Short Radio clips: (from Focus on the Church and Take Five with Pastor Steve)
  1. Prayer – God’s view
  2. Worship
  3. Get Wisdom
  4. Awesome and Awful
  5. Three relationships
  6. Men and Women
  7. End times
  8. Live an examined life
  9. Facing Divorce
  10. Help your kids prepare for marriage
  11. Broken people
  12. Favoritism
  13. Should evil makes sense?
  14. A little Wad
  15. A Man after God’s heart
  16. Creation
  17. Give Thanks
  18. Fallen from Greatness
  19. Blessed
  20. Ecclesiology 101
  21. Leadership
  22. God and the weather
  23. Final evaluation of life
  24. Son’s song
  25. Blessed life (Focus)
  26. Antagonistic people (Warning about dangerous people)
  27. Loving another (A word from the wedding season)
  28. Leaving Your Church (Some guidelines to help you)
  29. Farewell to God (Lessons from Charles Templeton)
  30. What do you want your Church to be? (Or, what does God say the Church is?)
  31. We are His people 
  32. Is the death penalty needed? 
  33. How should we think about war? 
  34. For Church leaders under attack  
  35. Intentional Church growth 
  36. A needed emphasis in marriage  
  37. What is your hearts desire?  

Sermons by Steve Cornell 


Ministry of God’s Spirit Pt 2
Steve Cornell | Galatians 4
Ministry of God’s Spirit
Steve Cornell | Galatians 4
The Spirit of Adoption
Steve Cornell | Romans 8:15-17
Rhythm of Normal Christianity
Steve Cornell
Learning From a Great Leader
Steve Cornell
An Amazing Encounter With God
Steve Cornell | Exodus 32
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SUN 02/17/2013

Sunday Service | 47 min

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SUN 02/10/2013

Sunday Service | 37 min

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SUN 02/03/2013

Sunday Service | 42 min

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SUN 01/27/2013

Sunday Service | 39 min

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SUN 01/20/2013

Sunday Service | 39 min

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SUN 01/13/2013

Sunday Service | 41 min

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  • Surviving, Maintaining or Thriving in Your Walk With God? download
  • What Should We Expect? 4-22-12 download
  • The God Who Suffers With Us and For Us  download
  • Jesus Christ Put an End to Death download

Old Testament

Proverbs (17 Lectures)

Bruce Waltke bio

Numbers Series (13 Sermons)
Ligon Duncan bio

Psalms (18 Lectures)
Bruce Waltke

Song of Solomon (4 Lectures)
Bruce Waltke

Genesis (44 Sermons)

Gordon Hugenberger bio

Reading the Psalms Ethically

Reading the Psalms Messianically
Reading the Psalms Canonically
Gordon Wenham bio

Exegetical Notes: Genesis 1:1-2:4a
John Sailhamer bio

The Creation Account in Genesis 1.1-3: Part 1: Introduction to Biblical Cosmogony
The Creation Account in Genesis 1.1-3: Part IV: The Theology of Genesis One
The Creation Account in Gen 1:1-3. Part V: The Theology of Genesis 1
Cain and His Offering
Bruce Waltke

Ted Hildebrandt’s Compilation

New Testament

NT Greek

Mastering NT Greek

Biblical Greek
Greek Tools for Bible Study
William Mounce bio

Intro to NT

Intro to NT (Gospel and Acts)
Craig Blomberg bio

Intro to NT (NT Epistles)
Craig Blomberg

The Reliability of the NT (Part 1)
The Reliability of the NT (Part 2)
D. A. Carson bio

The OT in the NT
D. A. Carson

Biblical Theology
Graeme Goldsworthy

The Gospel of John – D. A. Carson

Epistles and Pauline Studies
Justification According to Paul (Part 1)

Problems with the New Perspective on Paul
Justification According to Paul (Part 2)
Peter Stuhlmacher bio in German

Critique of NPP (New Perspective on Paul), FV (Federal Vision), AA (Auburn Avenue)
This is a compilation of articles by various authors.

A Series on Romans

John Piper bio

The New Perspective on Paul
D. A. Carson

Hard Texts: Why Does Hebrews Cite the Old Testament Like That?” Part 1
Hard Texts: Why Does Hebrews Cite the Old Testament Like That?” Part 2
Hard Texts: Why Does Hebrews Cite the Old Testament Like That?” Part 3
D. A. Carson

Hebrews Through Revelation
Simon Kistemaker bio


How Shall We Understand Revelation?
Graeme Goldsworthy

Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology Course as a Whole

Wayne Grudem Systematic Theology bio
Personally, I love Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theo. I used Millard Erickson’s and Charles Hodge’s in seminary. Grudem’s is so much more readable. So having this class online is really an invaluable resource. Pretty much, everything regarding theology is there.

John Murray Systematic Theology bio
Classic theologian from Old Princeton and Westminster. You should see the wealth of audio here.

Bruce Ware Systematic Theology bio

Douglas Kelly Systematic Theology (38 Lectures)
Douglas Kelly bio

Culture and Theology

The Gospel in Contemporary Culture (Part 1)
The Gospel in Contemporary Culture (Part 2)
The Gospel in Contemporary Culture (Part 3)
David Wells bio

Changing Minds: Theology and Culture
David Wells

The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World
David Wells

The Disappearance of Theology (Part 1)
The Disappearance of Theology (Part 2)
The Disappearance of Theology (Part 3)
The Disappearance of Theology (Part 4a)
The Disappearance of Theology (Part 4b)
The Disappearance of Theology (Part 5a)
The Disappearance of Theology (Part 5b)
The Disappearance of Theology (Part 6)
David Wells


J. I. Packer on Character and Attributes of God (19 Lectures!)
J. I. Packer bio
What a resource. Just awesome.

Holiness and Justice
R. C. Sproul bio


The Internal Unity of Scripture (Part 1)
The Internal Unity of Scripture (Part 2)
The Internal Unity of Scripture (Part 3)
The Sufficiency of Scripture
J. I. Packer

The Sufficiency of Scripture (Part 1)
The Sufficency of Scripture (Part 2)
Al Mohler bio

Biblical Inspiration
Bruce Ware

Choosing a Bible: Which Translation Is Best?
Wayne Grudem and Al Mohler

Salvation, Redemption, Atonement

By Grace Through Faith: The Nature of Saving Faith
By Grace Through Faith: The Source of Saving Faith
By Grace Through Faith: The Path of Saving Faith
J. I. Packer

Sola Fide: The Exclusivity of the Gospel and the Necessity of Faith in Christ
Bruce Ware


The Exclusivity of Christ: Jesus the Only Savior
Bruce Ware

Christ, Our Ransom
Al Mohler

Holy Spirit

Being Filled With the Holy Spirit
Wayne Grudem

Spiritual Gifts and the Sovereignty of God: Prophecy and Other Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual Gifts and the Sovereignty of God: Prophecy and the Contemporary Pastor
Spiritual Gifts and the Sovereignty of God: The Gift of Prophecy in Scripture
Wayne Grudem

Providence, Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

Uncertain Hands of God and Man: Providence in Process Thought and Open Theism

Uncertain Hands of God and Man: Providence in Classic Arminianism
Uncertain Hands of God and Man: Providence in the Reformed Tradition
Bruce Ware

Perseverance and Assurance

Perseverance and Assurance (4 Lectures)

Thomas Schreiner bio

The Kingdom of God

In The History Of Israel
In Prophetic Eschatology
In the Coming Of The Saviour King
In The Church
Graham Goldsworthy bio

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

A Primer on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Bruce Ware

Men and Women: Similarities and Differences
Wayne Grudem

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Some Guidelines
Wayne Grudem


Contextualization and Preaching
David Wells

Preach the Word
Alistair Begg

Why Does Preaching Have Such a Prominent Place in Worship

The Place of Preaching in Worship
The Centrality of God in the Preaching of a Pastor
John Piper

Christ-Centered Preaching: Preparation and the Delivery of Sermons (29 Lectures with PDFs)
Bryan Chapell and Zack Erwine
The Covenant Seminary mp3s are just an incredible free resource.

Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task
C. J. Mahaney

Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Part 1
Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Part 2
Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Part 3
James Montgomery Boice

The Primacy of Expository Preaching, Part 1
The Primacy of Expository Preaching, Part 2
The Primacy of Expository Preaching, Part 3
D. A. Carson

Principles of Preparation and Normal Practices for Preaching at First Presbyterian Church
Ligon Duncan

The Preacher as a Servant of the Word
Al Mohler

Preaching in the 19th Century
Ian Murray

Church History and Historical Theology

General Church History

Church History 1 (13 Lectures)
Church History 2 (21 Lectures)
Gerald Bray bio

Church History (32 Lectures)
Gregg Singer

History of Christianity 1 (32 Lectures)
History of Christianity 2 (30 Lectures)
Frank James bio

Early Church to Reformation

Ancient and Medieval Church History (35 Lectures)
David Calhoun bio

The Reformation to the Modern Church

Reformation and Modern Church History (37 Lectures)
David Calhoun

The Protestant Reformation
Glenn S. Sunshine bio

The Road to Rome, Was the Reformation Right?
Greg Bahnsen bio

The Puritans

The Elizabethan Puritans
Puritanism Under the Stuarts
J. I. Packer

Puritan Spirituality in Context
Carl Trueman bio

Puritanism and Pietism
Jon H. Hinkson bio

Historical Works

Freedom of the Will, The End for Which God Created the World, The Nature of True Virtue

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin, Augustine, John Owen, Charles Hodge

Calvin’s Institutes (25 Lectures)
David Calhoun

History and Theology of Calvinism (25 Lectures)
Curt Daniel bio


John Owen (5 Lectures)
Carl Trueman

Life of John Newton (Part 1)
Life of John Newton (Part 2)
The Legacies of Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Ian Murray bio

Jonathan Edwards
William Tyndale
George Mueller
Adonirum Judson
William Wilberforce
John Newton
John Paton
John Bunyan
John Calvin
Martin Luther
Charles Spurgeon
John Owen
J. Gresham Machen
William Cowper
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
David Brainerd
Charles Simeon
John Piper

Francis Schaeffer: The Early Years (23 Lectures)
Jeremy Barrs

J. Gresham Machen (Part 1)
J. Gresham Machen (Part 2)
Robert Godfrey bio

Thomas Aquinas
Cornelius Van Til bio

Missions and Evangelism

Contextualization and Foreign Missions
David Wells

Outgoing Imperative for World Mission
DA Carson

World Evangelization: God’s Priority for Pastors
J. Christy Wilson (I had Dr. Wilson at GCTS. He’s home with the Lord and one of the most humble and God-centered people I have ever met. This was from Desiring God’s Pastor’s Conference in 1997)

The World Mission of the Church
Tim Tennent

History of Missions (35 Lectures)
Sam Larsen

The Church and the World (27 Lectures)
Andrew Hoffecker bio

Local Missions

The Gospel in Contemporary Culture
Seven People Lying at the Side of the Road
George Verwer

Understanding Complementarianism

8 Responses to Audio clips

  1. Pastor Carter Stanley says:

    Greetings from Canada;

    I was listening to your message and I believe it was “Living a Legacy” on Sunday May 18/08. And as you know a preacher has his ears open all the time serching for something special. I believe God had it set up for me to hear “part” of your message. Is if possiable to receive a hard copy. I understand the uneasiness of giving up our material, however i would really appreciate a copy. May God continue to bless your work



  2. bbrown1 says:

    Phenomenal list of resources. Thanks so much1

    –Wm. Francis Brown
    Forest, Virginia


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    How would I be able to hear or get the transcript for the Take Five Audio Clip I heard on WJTL 3/29/18?



    Clarification on the “Take 5” I heard today. It was about salvation, the second part being what caught my attention. Our responsibility to Christ and others.


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