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A few of my favorite quotes

“Atheism is the most daring of all dogmas, for it is the assertion of a universal negative” (G.K. Chesterton). Continue reading

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How to know God

To truly become a Christian we must also repent of the reasons we ever did anything right. Continue reading

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A good question about God

Question: If God is sovereign and desires that all be saved and none perish (I Timothy 2:3-4; II Peter 3:9), why didn’t God decree what He desires? Certainly a sovereign God could have decreed a world without the possibility of … Continue reading

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Great quotes from a great teacher

Forgiveness without repentance? “If we can restore to full and intimate fellowship with ourselves a sinning and unrepentant brother, we reveal not the depth of our love, but its shallowness, for we are doing what is not for his highest … Continue reading

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Worthy of deeper reflection

‎The gospel doctrine is this. “Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming the curse for us at the cross (Galatians 3:13).  The curse of the law, the threat of the law, the “or-else-ness” of the law, … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

Unless we are rescued by the grace of God, “our archeology is our teleology. We are typically operating from drives and aspirations generated by our past. What ought to be free decisions in relation to love and service, become un-free … Continue reading

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