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Peter’s Sin and Redemption

He’s not ashamed of us or our sin because he died for our sin. And if Jesus was ashamed of his people who sin, he wouldn’t have any people—for we all sin. Continue reading

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Our great God and Savior

Don’t miss the 7 truths about God’s gift of salvation Continue reading

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An unnerving truth about heaven

Many of us want to say, “Only those who accept Jesus as Savior go to heaven.” Or, “Only those who believe in the gospel go to heaven.” These are not necessarily wrong statements, but they possibly conceal what Jesus revealed. Continue reading

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God – propitiator and propitiated

In religion, the sinner brings something to offer to the deity hoping to pacify the angry god/s. This is not how it goes for Christians. Continue reading

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Eternal significance of good works

What is the eternal significance to our earthly lives?  Continue reading

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When the storms hit…

Truths to carry and guide us in difficult times. Continue reading

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Return to glory

This panoramic view is too often left out when we tell the story of salvation. The outcome is a shortsightedness which leaves us inadequately grounded for a living hope in Christ. Continue reading

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The difference between disowning Christ and being faithless

What is the difference between disowning Christ and being faithless? Continue reading

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How did the thief on the cross make it to heaven?

The thief on the cross will be in heaven? How? Continue reading

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Does God control everything?

Does God have a plan that will conquer what feels like the chaos of human history? If God has control over everything, is he not a cosmic puppeteer pulling our strings when he wants us to dance? Continue reading

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