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A closer look at wisdom

The absence of wisdom is slowly destroying us. We have more knowledge than any previous generation but lack wisdom on almost every level. Where is the wisdom we’ve lost with the knowledge we’ve gained? Continue reading

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Four essentials to a thriving Church

I commit myself to God and to the fellow-members of my local Church to do the following: Continue reading

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Is pastor appreciation month a good idea?

Church members are clearly commanded to show appreciation for their pastors. And the whole Church suffers when the people fail to honor their leaders. But are special times for appreciation helpful? Could such times do more harm than good? Continue reading

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5 vulnerabilities in leadership

Leadership is a high calling that comes with great challenges. Consider five of them in this post. Continue reading

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Overly concerned about offending others?

Why do some Churches and their leaders let pharisees set the agenda for their ministries? Continue reading

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7 Links worth seeing

Check out these resources on a variety of subjects! Continue reading

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Listen. Learn. Live.

Listen to 8 short radio clips from my daily program. Continue reading

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