1. Guarding cherished resentments
  2. Responding to the hurts of Life
  3. A closer look at forgiveness
  4. Forgive or else!
  5. Detox plan for freedom from your past:
  6. When the sun stays hidden for years 
  7. If God is sovereign………
  8. A closer look at Guilt 
  9. Why do I still feel guilty?
  10. Dealing with guilt
  11. Leave your Grudge with the Judge
  12. Forgiveness in a context of worship
  13. Hurt by a broken relationship
  14. Differences between Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  15. Finding it hard to reconcile
  16. I will not remember your sins

Short Audio reflections (90 seconds features)

  1.  Heart: as a storage bin
  2. Heart, mind and emotions
  3. Counseling
  4. 18 year factor

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