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Humility is not an emotion

Misunderstanding humility is risky because this quality is essential to one’s relationship with God. Continue reading

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Total depravity?

Caution is warranted on articulating a doctrine of human depravity from the wrong starting point. Continue reading

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The difference between disowning Christ and being faithless

What is the difference between disowning Christ and being faithless? Continue reading

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Do you think they are worse sinners?

Do people encounter a fates in this life (whether good or bad) based on actions in a former life? How should we read the outcomes when people are senselessly murdered or seemingly victims of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Continue reading

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Short, but great reminder!

A powerful reminder about the loss of focus on the gospel. Continue reading

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How did the thief on the cross make it to heaven?

The thief on the cross will be in heaven? How? Continue reading

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The truth is that every Jekyll has his Hyde, whom he cannot control and who threatens to take him over. But no human being is irredeemable.

Don’t miss the music at the end! Continue reading

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What kind of person are you?

Is grace amazing or interesting? The wonder and availability of God’s grace will not move some people. Continue reading

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A place in God’s mercy

We should tremble at these words whenever we’re tempted to be unmerciful. Continue reading

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Not that we loved God…

Take a moment and reflect on this great truth in song. Continue reading

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