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Is grace transforming? 

Mercy is not effectively received unless it is shown, for God’s mercy transforms. If God’s mercy does not take root in the heart, it is not experienced. Forgiveness not shown is forgiveness not known. Continue reading

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Remind yourself often

And remind yourself often that… Continue reading

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Painful truth we need to hear

The best things we do have somewhat in them to be pardoned Continue reading

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A conversion story

A young man from an influential Chinese family believes in Jesus as his creator and savior. Continue reading

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I need One who speaks to the Father…

Here you’ll find a peace that transcends understanding. Here you’ll find a guard for your hearts and minds in Christ. Continue reading

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God – propitiator and propitiated

In religion, the sinner brings something to offer to the deity hoping to pacify the angry god/s. This is not how it goes for Christians. Continue reading

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Return to glory

This panoramic view is too often left out when we tell the story of salvation. The outcome is a shortsightedness which leaves us inadequately grounded for a living hope in Christ. Continue reading

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Humility is not an emotion

Misunderstanding humility is risky because this quality is essential to one’s relationship with God. Continue reading

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Total depravity?

Caution is warranted on articulating a doctrine of human depravity from the wrong starting point. Continue reading

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The difference between disowning Christ and being faithless

What is the difference between disowning Christ and being faithless? Continue reading

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