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Five parts to our story

If we hope to live well in a painfully complicated and broken world… Continue reading

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You might be an immature Christian if…

Practical suggestions for measuring maturity in Christ. Continue reading

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Abundant life includes pain and struggle

It sometimes doesn’t feel good to be a Christian on the straight and narrow. Continue reading

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Three kinds of people in the world

any merely twofold division of the world into good and bad is disastrous. It overlooks the fact that the members of the second class (to which most of us belong) are always and necessarily… Continue reading

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Searching for a plausible worldview

What way of seeing things corresponds most with reality and does not contradict what I clearly know to be true? Continue reading

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Parable of the unworthy servant

The attitude of true followers of Jesus. Continue reading

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What to expect as a Christian

Along with forgiveness, restored fellowship with God, and joy, you’ll experience several new desires.  Continue reading

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Should we obey OT law?

Are believers today under the Old Testament law? Continue reading

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Making a case for Christ among us

A few reminders about the attitudes that show Christ among us. Christ is visible when… Continue reading

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The most amazing person who ever lived

Jesus Christ is so extraordinarily unprecedented that he shatters our categories and demands our worship. Continue reading

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