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Not always Wonderful, Great, and Amazing

Have we created a Christian culture that encourages expectations of uninterrupted happiness? Are we comfortable with being uncomfortable? Can we accept the fact that it sometimes doesn’t feel good to be a Christian? Continue reading

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Remedy for discouragement

Gratitude is the one of the best remedies to discouragement. “What I have found is that the rhythm of divine renewal beats in the pulse of a purposefully grateful heart” (Ellen Vaughn, Radical Gratitude). I need divine renewal when my heart … Continue reading

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Encouragement for difficult times… Continue reading

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A thorn in the flesh?

Three purposes of thorns of affliction and more… Continue reading

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Let me die

Four of God’s servants who wanted to die… Continue reading

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When you feel deserted

Do you feel forsaken? Abandoned? Deserted? There is hope! Continue reading

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Great leaders battle depression

Should the power of depression be more than ordinary, think not that all is over with your usefulness. Continue reading

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Normal sadness or depressive disorder?

Have we lost our ability to distinguish biologically based depression from normal sadness? Continue reading

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Allured by love

He promises to draw us apart, for there he can best deal with us, and this separated place is not to be a Paradise, but a wilderness, since in such a place… Continue reading

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When the storms hit…

Truths to carry and guide us in difficult times. Continue reading

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