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Lord, help us be united

Unity is challenging because the relationships in the church are not to be superficial or casual. The picture of life together for those who follow Christ is … Continue reading

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The hypocritical dead Church, pt. 1

You have a name that you are alive, but you are dead.  Continue reading

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Intentional Church growth

Looking back, I can tell you that planting and growing a healthy Church requires intentional commitment to core values and practices. Continue reading

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Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit

I must admit that this was an eye-blinking session for me. I did not say “eye-opening” because it did not surprise me. Continue reading

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Our story

Against all odds, the little Church has grown to over 500 attendees and now supports six full-time pastors and eight part-time staff. We’ve also supported missionaries and pastoral interns. Continue reading

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