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Are you a social cannibal?

Some people enjoy bad news about others. They savor bits of gossip and slander. You might want to keep your distance from them. Continue reading

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Listen. Learn. Live.

Listen to 8 short radio clips from my daily program. Continue reading

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Watch out for the person who….

Working as a team requires unity and mutual respect. It also requires leadership. My role has transitioned to one of providing leadership for the pastoral staff of our Church as they provide leadership for the congregation. I’ve written in the … Continue reading

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Four marks of an Antagonist

Antagonists try to build themselves up by tearing others down. They express their inner struggles with a negative self-concept by attacking people, enjoying the failures and misfortunes of others while they project their own sense of worthlessness onto them. Continue reading

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Protect your Church from Pharisees

Pharisees will turn a gospel-based ministry into a center for legalism.

Don’t let them. Don’t worry about offending them. Instead… Continue reading

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Are the Pharisees still among us?

Most people have a negative view of Pharisees. The Pharisees are mostly remembered as the chief antagonists against Jesus. Yet, in all fairness, they had a noble beginning long before the days of Jesus’ earthly life. Continue reading

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