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5 points of redemptive history

Five point framework for a Christian worldview.  Continue reading

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Do we really need “Do not….” commands?

Are we humans really that bad that we need to be told not to spread false reports and accept bribes and twist the words of the innocent?

Perhaps we’d like to believe in some upward version or utopian vision of humanity, but the fact is that we cannot survive without a set of “Do not” laws and a significant means to enforce them. Continue reading

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Sure and contagious Hope

Hope that inspires us to press on in the face of distressing and discouraging circumstances. Continue reading

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Five pillars for life

Our understanding of each part of the story in combination with the others must become a lens for the way we look at life. Continue reading

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We need a larger vision

It’s perhaps more important than ever before to provide people with a simple yet comprehensive picture of God’s plan for humanity.  Continue reading

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When God teaches worldview

A Worldview is a way of understanding the world and your place in it. It is an outlook on life or a philosophy of life. It usually includes a core set of beliefs and values that control your life.
Continue reading

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