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Troubled dust, but dust that dreams

Rest securely and confidently in what God has done for you in Christ! And remind yourself often that…. Continue reading

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How to study the Bible

The five basic steps of Bible study will provide a helpful guide to keep you on the right track in understanding and applying the Bible. Each step answers a particular question in relation to Bible study. Continue reading

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Pursuing wisdom in Proverbs

If you desire to continue to study the book of proverbs, follow the links below to previous posts. Continue reading

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Longing for a better world

While I give thanks for the faithful men and women who serve our nation, I long for a better world. Continue reading

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Applying Scripture (7 Tests)

Many people misapply or even abuse the statements and promises of Scripture. Test yourself in this area by answering the following 7 questions? How much should be included when applying the statement, “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives … Continue reading

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His peace will guard you

Here’s a word from God that we need. Continue reading

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3 short radio features

Check out a few of my weekly radio features, Continue reading

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Confused by suffering

The pain, losses and setbacks of life can be excruciatingly confusing. And the confusion often intensifies when we try to understand how God relates to suffering. Continue reading

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The Christian way of understanding death

There are surprisingly few places to turn for thoughtful answers to the deeper questions about suffering and death. Many efforts to explain the human story are either simplistically naïve in their utopianism or forced versions of scientific reductionism. I have … Continue reading

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Thinking Deeply About Spiritual Transformation

You might want to get another sip of coffee before venturing with me into this post! If you’re brave enough, I am inviting you to think deeply about matters that have been the object of far too much superficial reflection. … Continue reading

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