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Jesus was crucified by Rome and rose from the dead

How to understand evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and the salvation He offers. Continue reading

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A closer look at Romans 9-11

A closer look at Romans 9-11. Continue reading

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Unfortunate debate over Romans 9-11

I wrote this because of the temptation to focus so much on debated doctrines in Romans 9-11 that we miss the need to humbly worship the God who is revealed so amazingly in these chapters. 

I also see an urgency to place the chapters in the larger context of… Continue reading

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The order of regeneration and faith

Do we wait until the man is cured and then bring him the medicine? Do we preach Christ to the righteous and not to sinners? Continue reading

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Profession vs. Possession of Salvation

It is questionable whether anyone who reasons, `Now that I am a Christian, I can live as I please’, has really been converted. Continue reading

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Salvation is eternally secure

The stability and effectiveness of both our walk with God and our service for Him is directly related to our understanding of the salvation He has given to us. Continue reading

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Remind yourself often

And remind yourself often that… Continue reading

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Painful truth we need to hear

The best things we do have somewhat in them to be pardoned Continue reading

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What is the gospel?

Gospel-centered living happens when three tenses are continuously kept in view… Continue reading

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Grace given to the humble

Legalism provides people with a deceptive means for screening out their own sins by highlighting the sins of others. Let’s oppose this spirit on every level because it insults the grace that leads us to salvation. Continue reading

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