The body matters to God


How important is the body to God? 

Sometimes the focus of ministry in our churches is only on the spiritual. We tend to think of the body as temporal and perishing (and it is, in one sense).

But is it possible that we have missed a major emphasis of Scripture on the importance of the body? 

In most cultures, diet, exercise and overall physical health are primary concerns. Should the Church tap into these concerns and perhaps even lead the way? I am advocating a more comprehensive, biblically holistic approach to ministry. 

What do you think? I welcome thoughtful dialogue. I see seven major points that support the importance of the body.

  1. Creation – God fashions the body from the dust of the earth
  2. Incarnation – God became man
  3. Resurrection– (Christ’s and ours)
  4. Ascension – Jesus retained bodily existence at the Father’s right hand
  5. Salvation – The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
  6. Ministry – Emphasized in Matthew 25:34-40; James 2:14-17
  7. Glorification – Final redemption of the body (Romans 8 )

Should we have a division of ministry in local churches focused on bodily needs?

What do you think?

Steve Cornell

About Wisdomforlife

Just another worker in God's field.
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