The heart of our problem

Political and cultural changes cannot adequately address our deepest needs. There is clearly an important place for these concerns, but a wider focus is needed if we hope to get to the heart of our problems.


Over the last several decades, the Church has displayed an encouraging interest in culture and politics.

Older attitudes of extreme separation are disappearing. While there are risks in this, I am grateful for the renewed desire to seek the welfare of the cities of our exile on earth.

We needed renewed reflection on our calling to apply spiritual concerns to cultural and political realities. Lately, however, I’ve sensed a de-emphasis on the priority of the spiritual dimension. One example is how little we hear about spiritual revival.

Perhaps it’s easier to talk about political concerns than to call people to see their need for the gospel. Or, possibly our many social problems tempt us to be horizontal in our solutions. It’s part of true faith to be concerned about temporal and physical solutions and to promote human flourishing in the here and now (James 2:14-17).

Political and cultural…

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