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Thank you!

Thank you for being part of this effort Continue reading

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Take a closer look at 21 subjects!

An in-depth look at 21 subjects. Continue reading

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What does Scripture say about wisdom?

Wisdom based in the fear of God keeps the shrewdness of proverbs from slipping into mere self-interest, the perplexity of Job from mutiny, and the disillusion of Ecclesiastes from final despair. Continue reading

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A closer look at Proverbs

Resource for learning from Proverbs Continue reading

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A closer look at wisdom

Wisdom’s call and warning is forcefully presented in the language of choice. Wisdom, in essence says, “Decide now concerning your response to me! Continue reading

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Are you a wise and discerning person?

When I began ministry many years ago, a scene out of the life of Solomon greatly influenced me and became my prayer. Continue reading

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A closer look at wisdom

The absence of wisdom is slowly destroying us. We have more knowledge than any previous generation but lack wisdom on almost every level. Where is the wisdom we’ve lost with the knowledge we’ve gained? Continue reading

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Pursuing wisdom in Proverbs

If you desire to continue to study the book of proverbs, follow the links below to previous posts. Continue reading

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Welcome to the book of Proverbs

The book of Proverbs “touches the shared concerns of all who are given the gift of life and struggle with how to live it” Continue reading

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The way of wisdom

Here are five essentials to a life of wisdom… Continue reading

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