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A truth we must accept

God is merciful to reach out to rebellious creatures and He makes significant concessions to meet us where we live. His justice makes these concession necessary and His mercy makes them possible. Continue reading

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Human guilt and a Sovereign God?

“God’s sovereignty over the death of Christ does not mitigate the guilt of the human conspirators. On the other hand, the malice of their conspiracy has not caught God flat-footed, as if he had not foreseen the cross, much less planned it.” Continue reading

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We need a larger vision

It’s perhaps more important than ever before to provide people with a simple yet comprehensive picture of God’s plan for humanity.  Continue reading

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Does God control everything?

Many people feel that life is generally a matter of good luck or bad luck. “Que Sera, Sera” — “whatever will be, will be?” But are we victims of fate? Although some view a sovereign God as too threatening and humbling, the alternatives are far more discouraging. To say that there is no God, or that God does not care or stands helpless on the sidelines, leads to fatalism and despair. Continue reading

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