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TD Jakes Comments on Supreme Court

Sensible words on the recent Supreme Court ruling on Gay marriage.
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Will the Supreme Court show judicial restraint?

If the Supreme Court makes the sexual preference of 2-3 percent of Americans a matter of federal law, a legal pandoras box will open and significant unrest will follow. Censorship of opposing viewpoints will ignite deep resentment among people who cherish freedom. And sadly, it could also inspire less stable people to act out in violent ways.
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The most intolerant people in America

As the Supreme Court prepares for decisions on gay marriage, it’s deeply troubling that many of those promoting it are some of the most intolerant people in our country. They operate with an approach that says, “See things my way, or else!”

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Manipulated and coerced by radical activists

No matter your opinion on gay marriage, every American who values freedom should be deeply disturbed by the methods used to promote it. Continue reading

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Supreme court case

Imagine that Obamacare mandated provision of health insurance for the abortion procedure itself. Would you feel that companies like Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties had a right to refuse to support it? Sound like a stretch? Continue reading

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Did Jesus welcome unrepentant sinners?

“Jesus first welcomed and received unrepentant sinners” before saying, “Go and sin no more.” The word “unrepentant” is what concerns me. Continue reading

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Supreme Court Decisions

There was nothing too surprising about the decisions of the Supreme Court. In March 2013, when the Court began to hear cases regarding marriage, I suggested that they would either postpone or dismiss them. But the court, by a 5-4 majority, … Continue reading

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