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Identity as the basis for relationships

Our new identity as God’s chosen, holy and dearly loved people overcomes differences that separate people and set people against each other. Our new identity also leads to a powerful transformation in the ways we relate and respond to other people. This is the life! Continue reading

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Humility exalts the heart

God’s kingdom is always ready to challenge the desires that preoccupy everyone (Matthew 6:32). God is always calling us away from lesser desires to draw us to more noble and lasting passions. Continue reading

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The change we really need

What does change look like in my life when I come to know Christ? Or, what should it look like?
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Silence and solitude needed

The practices of silence, solitude and secrecy are indispensable parts of spiritual transformation. But quietness seems to be an endangered quality. In a media saturated culture (dominated by technology), these disciplines seem to be increasingly at risk. Continue reading

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7 Daily practices for the New Year!

Life is daily. So we need daily reminders. Check out the seven I recommend. Continue reading

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How to make lasting changes

The heart is a kind of storage bin where ways of thinking develop based on what is kept and cultivated in it (Matthew 12:34b-35). Transformation of life is a matter of the heart and mind. Continue reading

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