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What does Spirit-filled mean?

Is being Spirit-filled something God does for us or we do in obedience to Him? Continue reading

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A great covenant for family and Church

Use this relationship covenant in your family, small group, or Church. Continue reading

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A perpetual dialogue of gratitude

The Christian life cannot be lived as God intended apart from a perpetual dialogue of gratitude toward God and others. Initiate an intentional dialogue of thankfulness today. What if God made you live today on only those things you thanked Him for yesterday? Continue reading

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What does Spirit-filled mean?

The personal presence and power of the Holy Spirit is central to life that pleases God and the source for true Christian community. We must guard against the tendency to understand the spirit-filled life as merely a subjective emotional reality. Being Spirit-filled is measurable in one’s character and life choices. We should be able to observe evidence that testifies to the Spirit-filled character of an individual or a community of believers. Continue reading

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