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Relevance with accuracy

Let’s not acquiesce to trendy terms if their popular meanings could lead people into misunderstandings of God’s revealed word. Continue reading

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Five life-controlling perspectives

Perspective is a key word when it comes to the quality of life. It’s also something important to God’s will for our lives. One of the primary practical functions of Scripture is the way it shapes our perspective. Continue reading

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Expository Preaching

Some have been wrongly taught that the only way exposition can happen is by teaching through books of the Bible verse by verse. Continue reading

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How does God lead us?

How does God lead His people? There is so much confusion on this subject. Does God speak directly to us? Does God use inner promptings? How do circumstances relate to God’s leading? How should we apply Scripture to God’s leading?  … Continue reading

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Misreading the Bible

Since the Bible addresses violent and evil people where they live, we should not be surprised to find some really horrible things in it. The whole project of humanity is happening under merciful divine concession. The fact of divine concession started early in history and it set the tone for all of the ways of God with humanity. Continue reading

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3 dimensions to God’s will

So much that happens on earth is not God’s will. But how can this be? God is sovereign over all things. How is it that His will is not being done? Continue reading

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Is the Bible from God? (part 3)

Jesus view of Scripture is a primary consideration for our understanding of its place in our lives. Continue reading

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