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What does it mean to be gospel-centered?

Three tenses and two confessions are essential to gospel-centered living. Continue reading

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What should I do with Jesus?

When Pilate asked Jesus, “Where do you come from?” he probably wasn’t asking for an earthly address. Continue reading

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God will not be mocked

Salvation occurs in connection with a series of experiences that trace to guilt, shame and conscience. The sequence includes four elements: Continue reading

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You reap what you sow

Is there a purpose to these words that has been largely overlooked? Continue reading

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The law cannot make you right with God

We will never celebrate the grace that brought us salvation if we allow ourselves to think that law-keeping is what makes us acceptable to God. Continue reading

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God is the true Seeker

Our common narrative of sin and death was conquered through the merciful and loving pursuit of sinners by the living God. Continue reading

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Why I am not religious

I do not believe in religion. Religion is a human attempt to find the way to God. It’s an empty and hopeless pursuit of something God already did for us. ____________________________________________ The gospel is good news about God’s loving pursuit … Continue reading

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