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Restoring glory to the ordinary

Have you noticed how easily discontentment destroys joy and gratitude? I fear that the repeated emphasis on being radical for God can also give people the misguided feeling that the ordinary is either boring or some form of compromise. Let’s restore glory to the ordinary! Continue reading

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Sure and contagious Hope

Hope that inspires us to press on in the face of distressing and discouraging circumstances. Continue reading

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Will you answer the call?

Heaven on earth? Yes! While we long for heaven itself, we pursue heaven like realities on earth! God is honored, worshipped and obeyed in heaven. Let this be done on earth as it is in heaven! Stay on mission through disciplined and passionate prayer – focused on the highest possible concerns available to humanity. Continue reading

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Master of my fate and Captain of my soul

The Creator, Lawgiver and Judge—The Master of our fate and Captain of our soul—is also the Redeemer. Continue reading

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Human meaning in a material world

none of the “this-world-experiences” satisfy the restless longing that we feel deep within ourselves. Our sense of disconnection seems to go beyond the natural and material world. Continue reading

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