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Ministry from modern to postmodern times

Let’s embrace the challenge of seeking a better understanding of the shift to postmodernity and addressing it as a communication challenge for the gospel. Continue reading

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Understanding postmodernism

Exploring the underlying ways people think and especially the way they view truth and reality should be required preparation for ministry. Those who minister in western cultures have recently recognized some significant shifts in the way people view truth and reality. This shift has been identified as movement from a modern to a postmodern culture. Continue reading

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What does postmodern mean?

“Modernity was confident; postmodernity is anxious. Modernity had all the answers; postmodernity is full of questions. Modernity reveled in reason, science and human ability; postmodernity wallows (with apparent contentment or nihilistic angst) in mysticism, relativism, and the incapacity to know anything with certainty.” Continue reading

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