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10 things teens don’t want from communication

Communicating with teens can be tricky. Don’t panic. It’s fairly normal (though not the same with every teen). You might not agree with everything in the list of “don’ts” below, but it makes for good reflection and discussion. The journey … Continue reading

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Four kinds of children and parents

Over the years, I’ve observed four kinds of children in dysfunctional homes. Consider your approach to parenting and the possible affects it has on your children. Continue reading

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10 Property laws of a toddler

Where did we get this sense of ownership from? Continue reading

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6 Links worth seeing

Check out the following articles worth seeing Continue reading

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10 goals for parents

Discuss with other parents ways to build the 10 positive traits without allowing them to become the negatives.
Continue reading

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What should you expect?

Please take time to listen to this message! Continue reading

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The role of motivation in parenting (pt. 2)

Like all godly parents, Solomon gives his son instruction and warning about the realities that will confront and test him in the world. The early chapters of Proverbs reveal how Solomon wants his son to realize that life in the … Continue reading

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When parenting is the problem

Sometimes we too quickly connect the bad behavior of children with a parenting deficit. Other times we fail to make needed connections between parenting or the bad example we’ve set and the outcomes in our children. Continue reading

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The glory of ordinary lives

What would life look like if we had renewed zeal to “… be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). Continue reading

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7 Links to see

7 blog pieces worth noting. Continue reading

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