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Path to legalism

Are you a legalist? Continue reading

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Urgent question (audio link)

Q. How can we proclaim and celebrate a gospel of grace and forgiveness while enforcing standards of morality — without becoming a prideful and self-righteous or watchful and legalistic Church? Continue reading

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God gives grace to the humble

If you know someone who has a habit of pointing out the sins of others… Continue reading

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A threat to Christian unity

One of the most disruptive forces against unity among Christians is legalism. It was a primary threat to the gospel during Jesus’ ministry and in the early Church. Legalists (aka Pharisees) were the chief antagonists against Jesus Christ and continue … Continue reading

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Experiencing God’s Spirit

Here’s a very important audio resource. Continue reading

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Six causes behind legalism

Legalists use pet issues as tools for judging others. They typically fail to see the logs in their own eyes while condemning splinters in the eyes of others (Matthew 7:1-6). Continue reading

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Protect your Church from Pharisees

If you let them, Pharisees will turn a gospel-based ministry into a center for legalism.

Don’t let them and don’t worry about offending them. Instead… Continue reading

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