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Troubled dust, but dust that dreams

Rest securely and confidently in what God has done for you in Christ! And remind yourself often that…. Continue reading

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Sure and contagious Hope

Hope that inspires us to press on in the face of distressing and discouraging circumstances. Continue reading

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Longing for a better world

While I give thanks for the faithful men and women who serve our nation, I long for a better world. Continue reading

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Words of comfort and hope

Needed words of encouragement for uncertain times. Continue reading

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Are you feeling down?

I know what it feels like to battle discouragement. This is why I believe that encouraging discouraged people requires more than superficial hype. Continue reading

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A narrative for all people

This is the message most needed among those who are lost in a postmodern world. Continue reading

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Master of my fate and Captain of my soul

The Creator, Lawgiver and Judge—The Master of our fate and Captain of our soul—is also the Redeemer. Continue reading

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The power of hope

Perhaps our hope is deficient because it is not engaged in the fullness of past, present, and future. Continue reading

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