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Why desire of heaven?

Think about it. Christ went into heaven itself to appear in the presence of God for us. Continue reading

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We must appear before God

At that time each will receive their praise from God. Continue reading

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Will there be gender distinctions in heaven?

Jesus taught that there will not be marriage in heaven. Does this mean there will not be gender distinctions? Continue reading

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Do people in heaven exist as disembodied spirits?

If someone who knows Jesus Christ as Savior dies today, she goes directly to heaven. She leaves her physical body on earth until the resurrection. But will she exist as a disembodied spirit throughout the intermediate time between death and resurrection? Continue reading

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An unnerving but amazing truth

This should make those who strive to be religious more than a little nervous. It should warn those who are working their way “up” the structured ranks of religion Continue reading

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An unnerving truth about heaven

Many of us want to say, “Only those who accept Jesus as Savior go to heaven.” Or, “Only those who believe in the gospel go to heaven.” These are not necessarily wrong statements, but they possibly conceal what Jesus revealed. Continue reading

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Eternal significance of good works

What is the eternal significance to our earthly lives?  Continue reading

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I want heaven now

My relationship with the God of heaven causes me to long for a heaven-like place—to long for things to be right. Continue reading

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Desiring Heaven – now…

God’s Spirit in me is the cause of my desire for a world filled with the presence of God and absent the things his presence will remove. Continue reading

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People in heaven prior to the resurrection

Life in heaven prior to the resurrection of our bodies. Continue reading

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