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Can we earn God’s forgiveness?

We will never forgive others to the extent that Continue reading

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When forgiveness is understood this way

Forgiveness is a way of saying to God… Continue reading

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How can I know he means it?

Unlike forgiveness, reconciliation of a broken relationship is a process conditioned on the attitude and actions of an offender. Those who commit significant and repeated offenses must realize that their responses and actions affect the timing of the process. Those who are genuinely repentant will accept this fact with brokenness and humility. Use the seven signs here to be sure someone is truly sorry. Continue reading

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How can I forgive?

Is forgiveness a feigned act of erasing or ignoring the action of the one who wronged us?
Does it require us to become morally neutral about right and wrong?
Does forgiveness require us to place our hurt in an imaginary zone of forgetfulness? Continue reading

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Two questions in forgiveness

Forgiveness involves answering two major questions… Continue reading

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