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Social cannibals on the hunt

Like hungry cannibals savoring the flesh of another person, social cannibals have an appetite for the problems, difficulties, and failures of others. It’s dangerous being in their company because you might end up in their pot. Continue reading

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Speech therapy exercise

Tone of voice can make a big difference. Honest words spoken with hurtful tones are self-defeating. Continue reading

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Since gossip is the native language of the modern church, the qualification is as important today as it was 2,000 years ago. Continue reading

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An act of mercy to stop gossip

we gossip against them when we tell third parties what they have no business knowing. We act in mercy when we act in their good—to stop gossip rather than pass it on, to overlook offenses rather than make them known, to set aside unconfirmed information rather than believe it. Continue reading

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Are you a cantankerous Christian?

Whether old or young, ask yourself if you’re known for being cantankerous and irritable or gracious and grateful. Continue reading

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Are you a social cannibal?

Some people enjoy bad news about others. They savor bits of gossip and slander. You might want to keep your distance from them. Continue reading

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