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Understanding God’s will

How can we know God’s will for our lives? Continue reading

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A perpetual dialogue of gratitude

The Christian life cannot be lived as God intended apart from a perpetual dialogue of gratitude toward God and others. Initiate an intentional dialogue of thankfulness today. What if God made you live today on only those things you thanked Him for yesterday? Continue reading

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Confused about God in a world of suffering

In our efforts to understand how God relates to the evil actions of humans (or even to His own acts of judgment), we must make some important distinctions concerning God’s will. Continue reading

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How does God lead us?

How does God lead His people? There is so much confusion on this subject. Does God speak directly to us? Does God use inner promptings? How do circumstances relate to God’s leading? How should we apply Scripture to God’s leading?  … Continue reading

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How do you see things?

When you read the Bible, think of God saying to you: “Get perspective!” “See things from the divine viewpoint.” Continue reading

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Do inner promptings reveal God’s will?

Is it right to look to inner promptings as indicators of God’s leading? Does God give inner impressions to prompt us toward His will? Continue reading

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Are you weak or strong?

Two Groups found in most Churches Weak in faith- (Romans 14:1;15:1) Strong in Faith (Romans 15:1) Weak – Those who feel bound to abide by rules and traditions that are not required by God’s absolutes. Strong – Those who do not feel … Continue reading

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Surprised by trials

How God uses trials to shape our lives. Continue reading

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