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How great is our God!

Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name. But who am I,… Continue reading

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Who is God?

God a living, personal, invisible Spirit, who is infinite, eternal and unchanging – existing in three persons Father, son, and Holy Spirit. God is sovereign overall and through Him all things have their origin, support, and consummation. Continue reading

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Go deeper in knowing God’s love

This is an invitation to Go deeper in your understanding of God’s love with six truths about God’s love Continue reading

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The God you didn’t expect

I still remember how intrigued I was to see God portrayed by Morgan Freeman as a janitor at the end of the 2003 movie, Bruce Almighty. Something resonated with me. Continue reading

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Question of the day?

A new item on Wisdomforlife! Continue reading

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Two versions of reality

Why do humans everywhere throughout all of history intuitively feel a pervasive longing for meaning, morality and destiny? Continue reading

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10 truths about God

As our Maker, God knows what it best for us. We were created to live in a dependent relationship under God’s rule. Man is not meant to live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Continue reading

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Why believe?

Five ways to understand unbelief. Continue reading

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Science can’t give us all the answers

As profoundly beneficial as scientific research has been, there are many things that are outside of the reach of scientific inquiry. Continue reading

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God is patient and merciful

Mercy is willingness to “take into account” or “compassionately considers” certain matters about the object of mercy — in a way that restrains a judgment that is deserved and leads to grace.
Continue reading

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