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Can sinners fellowship with God?

Four verbs are used to describe God’s provision for sinners to continue in fellowship with Him. Continue reading

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 How God uses His people to keep you faithful

Here is a truth we don’t hear much about: “God’s plan is to use the accountability of Christian fellowship as a means for helping his saved ones persevere.” Continue reading

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A threat to Christian unity

One of the most disruptive forces against unity among Christians is legalism. It was a primary threat to the gospel during Jesus’ ministry and in the early Church. Legalists (aka Pharisees) were the chief antagonists against Jesus Christ and continue … Continue reading

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Confrontation – a service of mercy

When we allow nothing but God’s Word to stand between us, judging and helping, it is a service of mercy, an ultimate offer of genuine community. Continue reading

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A prelude to spiritual drifting.

Facing set-backs? Loss of courage, hope, and faith?
Continue reading

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