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Longing for her father’s approval

According to her father, she did not eat, dress, or date appropriately. Rather than gaining what her heart desired, she was farther away from the hope of ever being loved by her dad for who she was. Continue reading

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Lisa’s Story: A quiet domineering father

I lived in fear of my father. Continue reading

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The role of motivation in parenting (pt. 2)

Like all godly parents, Solomon gives his son instruction and warning about the realities that will confront and test him in the world. The early chapters of Proverbs reveal how Solomon wants his son to realize that life in the … Continue reading

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Memorial to my Dad

I couldn’t believe that I might lose two of the men who had most influenced my life on the same day. My father lasted four days and passed away. Continue reading

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Pro-fatherhood rallies won’t help unless…

“A man’s children will be fathered diligently when they are loved in the context of a much greater love.” (Douglas Wilson) Continue reading

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Politics, Pastors, Dads

We live in difficult times when men and women of strength, character and leadership are badly needed. Continue reading

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Who are the agents of cultural change?

I hope that the most influential people will not lose heart. I am referring to … Continue reading

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Are you raising a narcissist?

Do you know the 9 symptoms associated with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)?

This disorder is assigned to someone who meets five or more of the symptoms.

While psychiatrists caution against assigning personality disorders to people until at least age eighteen, it can’t hurt to watch for tendencies toward symptoms associated with disorders – especially regarding narcissistic personality disorder. 
Continue reading

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5 essentials for Dads!

Fellow dads — our sons and daughters need us. Let’s take seriously our role and the great opportunities we have to impact their lives. Continue reading

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