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Can I remain at the center?

A gospel that misleads you to think you can come to Christ and remain at the center of life is not a gospel. Continue reading

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Seven means for Christian witness

There is more than one way to be a witness for Christ. Continue reading

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Unbelief – understood in five ways

Why do people refuse to believe in God? Continue reading

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Do you understand common grace?

An urgently needed focus for the Church… Five questions for great conversations among those who care… Continue reading

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Compelled by powerful love

What will it take to change a heart turned against God? It will require something as powerful as a creative act of God to open our eyes to our great need. Continue reading

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Therapeutic vs. True Gospel

Jesus Christ died for my sin and the most vivid expression of my sin is my willful self-preoccupation. A gospel message that invites me to stay at the center is not the true gospel. Listen closely to the emphasis when you hear someone invite people to follow Jesus. Continue reading

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A therapeutic gospel?

A growing number of pastors are inviting people to come to Jesus on terms that are not consistent with our Lord’s own invitations to follow him. Are we bending and twisting the gospel around the felt needs and expectations of a self-absorbed culture? Continue reading

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Should we always use the Bible in witnessing for Christ?

My title for this post might be a bit misleading… I think the diversity of models for outreach in Acts 17 deserves more thoughtful dialogue in the Church today. Continue reading

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God will not be mocked

Salvation occurs in connection with a series of experiences that trace to guilt, shame and conscience. The sequence includes four elements: Continue reading

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The best way to see the gospel

God’s plan is to use the lives of those who have experienced His love as plausibility cases for the truthfulness of the good news of salvation. This is a little overwhelming to contemplate. God has chosen to make a case for or to … Continue reading

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