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There was darkness over all the land

Reference to three hours of darkness is another example of the authenticity of the gospel account as history. It is a detail you wouldn’t include if you were trying to make up a story. It could have easily been denied if it didn’t happen. But why three hours of darkness? Continue reading

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The unexpected glory of the cross

No symbol in the history of mankind has been more transformed than the cross. It’s hard to travel 100 miles in any direction in the world today without encountering the cross.

Originally invented as an instrument of torture and death reserved for traitors and violent criminals, strangely, the cross can be found everywhere in the world as a form of art, jewelry and architecture. Continue reading

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The God Who Suffers With us and For us

Audio link: download Before considering 17 examples of the suffering of Jesus Christ, reflect on these Scriptures: “…it was necessary for him (Jesus) to be made in every respect like us, his brothers and sisters, so that he could be our merciful … Continue reading

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Two words for understanding Jesus

One of the most powerful ways to authenticate the truth of the gospel and make it tangibly plausible to the world is to let the example of Jesus transform our relationships Continue reading

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