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Unguided Darwinian process or Intelligent design

Can life be traced back to an unguided Darwinian process or is it more rational to conclude that there was intelligent design behind life? Continue reading

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Faith in science?

Naive young people are vulnerable to the impression that science has conclusively proven that nothing beyond nature could have any conceivable relevance to what happens in nature. Continue reading

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Science can’t give us all the answers

As profoundly beneficial as scientific research has been, there are many things that are outside of the reach of scientific inquiry. Continue reading

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Is Genesis myth or history?

Should we understand Genesis 2-3 as an account of historical event that really happened? Continue reading

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Creation: an act of imaginative love

God didn’t create because he was bored. God wasn’t a venture capitalist, looking for a risky investment such as the human race. We may also assume that God wasn’t lonely. No one said, “It’s not good for God to be alone. So let there be galaxies and jackrabbits and wide-mouth bass.” Continue reading

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How to talk about creation and depravity

Important overview of the creation and fall of humanity. Continue reading

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