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Top Five Audio Messages

It’s hard to know why certain sermons connect more widely than others but the five below are my most accessed messages. The first two are VERY, VERY important for those who are married or considering marriage. Continue reading

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To do well in marriage …

Originally posted on Wisdomforlife:
Important audio message —  just click here: When Two Become one  When sinners say, “I do.” — Expect trouble! There are risks involved because there are sinners involved! But we can minimize some of the risks…

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A delusional euphoric state of stupidity

The danger in emotional love is that it can lead to a delusional euphoric state of stupidity. Have you ever been in the state of stupidity? Do you know anyone in one now? Continue reading

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20 Questions about the right one

Here’s a helpful guide for the marriage decision. Continue reading

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What if you don’t feel love?

Some people tell me they want to be married because of love and others (like this woman) say they want out of marriage because they no longer feel love. This has led me to ask some questions about the nature of love.
Continue reading

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